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AAA Gems Co., Ltd

AAA Gems Co., Ltd established in 1999, is Hi-Tech Jewelry enterprise which focus on the research and manufacture of Moissanite, Diamone series, etc. We have very professional team on gemstone R&D, cutting, treatment and quality control parts; and possess 200 equipments for gemstone production;

For our most white moissanite,  which can reach to D,E,F color; and we are only one company who has specialistic technology of "Moissanite cultured" around the world.

In 2010, we joined into the International Colored Gemstone Association, and it is honor to be one of their members.

Our latest patented product, Diamone Series, get the certificate issued by North American Gemological Laboratory.Research and produce CVD diamond, and using CVD or HPHT technology to alter the color of natural diamond.



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Brands : Diamone

Annual Sales : 30000000-50000000

Year Established : 1999

Export p.c : 90% - 100%

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AAA Gems Co., Ltd established in 1999, is Hi-Tech Jewelry enterprise which focus on the research and manufacture of Moissanite, Diamone series, etc. We have very professional team on gemstone R&D, cutting, treatment and quality control parts; and possess 200 equipments for gemstone production;

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Will all gemstones test positive on a diamond tester?




Diamone I, no work; moissanite can pass diamone tester.

Q: Will the Diamone® amorphous diamond coating take off?

A: No. Diamone is not coated stone like other simulant diamond. Because what we use to grow pure carbon diamond is "Amorphous Diamond Growning Technic"and "Ion injection technology", after this treatment, pure carbon diamond grown like a tree from core crystal, so, the finished stone is one whole body, can not take off like a coat, it is the stone's skin and not like a clothes, so, coating is not accurate.it has a much more flexible molecular structure, which greatly impedes any type of delamination or removal.the amorphous pure diamond is actually infused into the upper layers of the core,so it is more than just a surface coating. It actually integrates into the core itself.

Q: What is the type of diamond used in creating the Diamone® diamond simulant?

A: This diamond is pure carbon diamond(99.9%),and it is Amorphous diamond form.


Q: What do the color grades for Diamone® mean ('E' color or 'F' color)?

A: The color grades are accorded on the GIA natural Diamond color scale ranging from pure colorlessness (D) down to (Z). 

Q: Is the Diamone® singly refractive like diamond, or doubly refractive like moissanite?

A: Diamone I & Diamone II is singly refractive, just like diamond.

Diamone III is doubly refractive, which is why it will look fuzzy rather than crisp when viewed at close quarters.
By comparison, Diamone® perfectly mimics the diamonds crystal structure .


Q: Is the Diamone® carat size equivalent to natural diamond carat sizes?

A: Yes, the sizes of Diamone® are cut to the same size dimensions as natural diamonds, and the Diamone®'s are already listed in diamond weight equivalents on the website. 

Thus, the dimensions of a 2ct well-cut diamond and 2ct size Diamone® are same, so you can just order the carat size you want, and it is already calibrated to match that of natural diamonds.

Example: a round H&A 1ct diamond is 6.5mm diameter, the Diamone® 1ct size H&A round is also 6.5mm diameter.


Q: How do I clean my new Diamone®?

A: For everyday cleaning, due to its amorphous diamond exterior, any chemical cleaner used for diamonds also can be used on the Diamone®.

A ultrasonic cleaner is recommended for normal use, do ensure that your Diamone® is not placed directly next to other diamond jewelry in the ultrasonic, lest the diamonds be rubbed against the Diamone® and scratch it.

Finally, do not dunk your Diamone® into boiling liquid - the sudden temperature change will risk cracking it via thermal shock.

Q: Any instructions for having my jeweler / setter set my Diamone®?

A: Most any competent setter or jeweler can set your Diamone® for you - if they can set a CZ, they can set an Diamone® which is stronger, harder and more durable than regular CZ. Here are just a few tips needed to show you.

What is it?: Diamone® is a patent pending combination of hand cut, high-quality core treated with an outer layer of extremely pure man-made amorphous diamond (99.9% pure carbon) by "Amorphous Diamond Growning Technic".Just like a cultured pearl uses an inner shell bead with an outer layer of pearl nacre, the Diamone® combines an inner core with an outer pure diamond layer.

Main problem:The number one problem for setting Diamone® is-- they often forget that it is not diamond, which creates problems during polishing.Do not use metal polish that contains diamond grit or use any aggressive types of rouge near the Diamone® - you will run the risk of scratching beautiful Diamone®. if so, Diamone® is approximately as tough as diamond, but softer than diamond. We highly recommend you pre-polish the prongs before completing the setting, in order to minimize any potential danger of scratching the Diamone® during polishing.

Heat resistance: More attention must be paid when adopting any work on a setting involving torch work - you must protect the Diamone® from heat.If you heat the Diamone®, you will run the risk of blackening the outer pure diamond as some pure carbon tiny granule will convert to graphite (amount depends on time and intensity of exposure to heat), leaving you with a dusky looking stone. In theory,the outer diamond layer can be safe in the place with the temperature is under 800℃ ,but,if we want to keep Diamone® in perfect appearance,our suggestion is take Diamone® away from any place with temperature is up 300℃.

Setting princess stones: We recommend you soften the corners of the princess cut at the point where it will meet with the prong or metal for yoursetting.This will greatly reduce the chance of chipping during setting since the corners are sharp.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please feel free to email us.


Company Team

AAA Gems Co., Ltd established in 1999, is Hi-Tech Jewelry enterprise which focus on the research and 

manufacture of Moissanite, 

Diamone series, etc. We have very professional team on gemstone R&D, cutting, treatment 

and quality control parts; and possess 200 equipments for gemstone production;It has 2 factories in GuangDong which have more than 150 people work in & one office in Shenzhen & the head office in Hongkong.we will try our best do the best for you .


Address: Room 406, Guangfa Building, Tianbei 4th Road, Luohu District,Shenzhen 518020 China

Factory Address:76,Longgukou,Tanzhou,Dagang zhen,Nansha, GuangZhou, China